Dogcatchers attacked the man in Bor Serbia by heavy metal tongs

Dogcatchers attacked the man in Bor Serbia  by  heavy metal tongs


Animal welfare activist, Dragan Cekic, was attacked by dogcatchers in Bor Serbia, while he was walking his dogs.

When  he saw them catching cruelly friendly dogs with metal tongs, which are outlawed long time ago, he started recording with his mobile.

They started threatening  him, and one of them attacked him.

He fell on ground, both his legs are injured.

Attacker went on and on, while his colleagues, also dogcatchers  were calmly watching.

Cruel people are employed to abuse abandoned animals and people who care.

This is not the first case.  In some cities they even go accompanied by armed police.

Dogcatchers haven’t gone through any training and  the most of Pound’s Chief executives are not interested in any animal welfare. Dogs are just victims, which can be used for another corrupted misuse of budgeted income.

Cruelty and primitivism rule.

 Please have a look at the video and share widely. Let all the world see what is happening in Serbia and how are dogs and their protectors treated.

Here is an article from Serbian newspapers. 

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