Unscrupulous profiteering on homeless dogs Serbia

Who and how profit on homeless dogs under the veil of humanity. Action of catching  homeless dogs, that’s how it’s called in Serbia, action, is actually equal to collecting euro notes, which lay  on the street. Pure profit. Example Lea.

We had an insight into long trip of homeless dog , called Lea, than Ursula. There is the story about mercenary use of one life, with no regret.  This is just an example. One of thousands ,used every year.

Lea, street dog from Vranje Serbia, was caught in the “action of catching dogs” on 19.07.2016. Her sad example will show you who and how profit on abandoned dogs-the biggest product , number one product of Balkan region.  This is her photo when she was caught by local dogcatchers, when they hurt or broke  her leg.


Like all other dogs, one day, she just turned up on the street. Born on the street, or abandoned by former owner, or just thrown from the the truck of dogcatchers from neighboring municipality, which is the newest fashion, we don’t know. She was street’s dog, had her own house, was looked after by local animal welfare activists.

On 19 July public utility, their dogcatchers organized their ”action” and cruelly collected 5 dogs and transported them mercilessly to so called “private shelter” Davidovac, read concentration camp. From that moment starts profiteering on sentient beings, which are treated like garbage bags.

Public utility, Komrad, their department –dogcatchers- from 23. Martch to 31.October 2016 collected and transported 530 dogs to “shelter” Where are they? Returned to city, desexed, as per contract and Law? No. They disappeared. The invoice billed to community in July was 2.558 euros, which is a lot in the country where monthly salary is from 200 to 400 euros.


It means that transport of one dog costs roughly 40 euros, plus broken lag, from the street to shelter nearby. Dogcatchers recently got their first microchip reader, which they don’t use. But, they do use metal dogcatchers tongs, which are forbidden.

Lea was transported and thrown in cage, where she stayed for a few days , in pain, with no help at all. It is important to mention that, at that time, this object was unregistered and council knew it. We lodged complaint. No reaction. Also, this object is run by veterinarians, who have no idea of any respect to animals.  Veterinarian shelter didn’t respect current Act about shelters, breached the animal welfare act, criminal act , but it calculated full price of treatment of the dog which is, according to contract between council and vet station/shelter 6.000 din per dog= 50 euros. Fraud.

19 07 slomljena noga bez pomoci

Local animal welfare org wasn’t allowed to come in, to take the dog and help him, even opposite , they were threatened. Entrance is forbidden and there is no transparency and monitoring. Corruption and murder can go on.

Major is not interested, he signed the contract with those “people”. Corruption.

Local veterinary inspectors and veterinary directorate turned the blind eye to all our reports.

While Lea lays in smelly, dirty cage, her costs are rising, like she was in 5 star hotel. Tax payers just for this one dog paid nearly 90 euros.

For what? For torture and abuse.

The most of the dogs who enter this concentration camp, will never go out alive. They will end on the nearest waste dump.

Or maybe sold to dog’s dealers called Dog’s lovers. It usually happens to young, pure breed dogs, which are sold further.

Those false animal lovers and false animal wefare organizations are special type of people. They have their own interest. There are many people full of empathy who will luckily pay donations to rescue dogs. Especially the dog with the broken lag. Those exporters  have very good connections with pounds, dogcatchers and same interests. Greed . So, dog Lea was given or sold to Alisa organization from Negotin, who has own shelter, from where they send dogs for adoption in Denmark. Lea was taken over  together with pure breed husky, also from “shelter “ Davidovac.

Was she desexed, micro chipped, it is unknown. How much will they earn or not, we don’t want to know. But, we want to know with what kind of microchip, regular or smuggled, what kind of passport, with what kind of certificate(titar test is a must), whole big commercial transports of dogs  cross the border into the better future.  

The use of dogs, irregularity and export under the question mark Love or Money, goes on, our reports and complains to veterinary directorate and taxation office still wait answers.

Tired and sad Lea , upon arrival in Denmark, didn’t get immediately sweet home, so she turned up on buy and sell site, For sale 200 euros.

Lea Ursula for sale 

Isn’t it sad and horrible? Who will control to whom  will  she be sold, for what purposes?

We do hope, that, animal welfare organization UFFAC, who imported her and those who exported her, Alisa, legally or not, will take care who is buying her. This poor being, whose lives journey is actually pure torture , thanks to all profiteers on dogs is an example of  sad truth about the tragedy and shame of the  country  which allows corruption on dogs, their abuse and doesn’t obey own laws.

This is an example of one dog, but it is a model of steeling. Thousands of dogs and cats are victims of this game. Whose fault is this? Local and federal government, veterinary directorate. If “shelters”were real shelters, what they are paid by our money for, if there were good will and wish, cooperation, not this shameful corruption, these stories wouldn’t happen.

There wouldn’t be neither  dog’s exporters, nor dog’s overpopulation.





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